Monday, 25 November 2013

Birthday Walk Around Brighouse Bay

As I was working on my 49th birthday we decided to do something two days before and I chose to do a little more of my coastal walk.  I am beginning to realise the magnitude of the task I have set myself of walking the coast of Scotland since we have had the map on our kitchen wall and this day was only managed around 3.5 miles for various reasons, not least that I wasn't feeling 100%.
We parked the car at the side of a small bay and walked straight down onto the flat sandy beach and of course immediately got side tracked with finding interesting things washed up on the beach.

 Once we had crossed the small bay, which involved jumping over a very fast flowing stream running onto the beach, during which Talitha and I both got our feet wet, we stepped over rock pools onto a path which skirted the bay.  This path led up into trees, past a caravan park and up onto cliffs.  It was a cold clear day with lovely views out to sea.  The sea was really blue and we enjoyed pretending that the buoys we saw bobbing about at the head of each small rocky inlet were seals or some other interesting wildlife.  We spent a few moments at the head of one particularly rocky cove imagining the Famous Five pushing their rowing boat up onto the rocks in search of another adventure.
All along the path were signs pointing out things of interest, some year round interest and some pointing out seasonal varieties like bluebell or snowdrop.
Once we reached the top of the cliffs we turned inland at a style and followed the path for quite a long way around a golf course before descending through some fields to meet a lane which took us back to where the car was parked.
Another beautiful walk with some of my favourite people in a stunning part of Scotland where we are privileged to live

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Planting an Idea

For a long time I have been drawn to the idea of walking round as much of the coast of Scotland as I can.  Looking back I realize it all started when I read the book Two Feet, Four Paws by Spud Talbot-Ponsonby a few years ago.  I dismissed the idea as unattainable.  Certainly I could never do it all in one go.  Too much of the rest of life to live.  Then on my 48th birthday Rick took us on a walk from the Isle of Whithorn to Burrowhead and all the feelings came flooding back.  I love the coast - not the packed holidaymaker beach and sandcastle coast but the rugged, wild, windy and dramatic coast.  In essence, the coast of Scotland.  I work near the coast - fields running to the water's edge, boats bobbing about in the harbours, waves crashing over the sea wall and most of all the smell of the sea.
So with that walk the idea was born that I should just try and walk as much of the coast of Scotland as possible.  Firstly the idea was to start when I am 50 next year and try and complete the walk in 10 years but why wait?  So, counting that walk on my 48th birthday as the first one, another for a few miles north of Garlieston as the second one, I am now walking and counting the miles.
Therefore today, our silver wedding anniversary, was walk number three.  Eggerness Farm to Garlieston.  Rick, myself and 8 year old Max plus the two dogs, parked the car at the top of the bay and walked up the farm path and found ourselves in the farmyard.  Thankfully, we know the lady who lives there and when her partner came out of the barn we were able to introduce ourselves.  Although there are no trespass laws in Scotland we always want to be considerate of other people, and landowners so it was good to meet him.  He very kindly showed us the way into the woods behind the farm, past a ruined castle lookout and through some fields.  This path took us down into the woods again and then right along the shore back to the car.  We did get very wet with the heavy showers and I certainly should have worn my waterproof trousers but I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely want to add more coastal walks to my list.
When we reached the car Rick and Max and the dogs drove around the head of the bay to the village but I wanted to make sure I walked it so I walking the short distance before meeting them and driving into the village to call at the shop for a couple of Cream of Galloway Ice creams.
The journey begins - my footsteps by the sea!!